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As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatulla, welcome to Hajj Safe Products page. 

Hajj Safe - safety, security, innovative designs and durability are the foundations of everything we do. 

Designing products for pilgrims travelling for Hajj or Umrah is a serious job, its is known that those going for Hajj or Umrah are the guests of Allah, so if we design and make something for the guest of Allah and they are not happy with it, well then we’re in trouble right! 

So at Hajj Safe we take the process of designing, manufacturing and then the distribution & sales very seriously. We want the pilgrim or travelers who has bought our products to say even just a small dua, ya Allah bless the people who are behind these products! Ameen. This is our aim that is to please the guests of Allah. 

Without the help of so many people and ultimately Allah (God) we would not have been able to design and manufacture these products. Our greatest thanks goes to Allah (God) for making this happen and those who have and continue to help in developing and expanding Hajj Safe.
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